Atommagkutató Intézet
MTA Kiváló Kutatóhely


Program Advisory Committee

  chairman: Béla Sulik, Section of Atomic Collissions
  vice-chairman: Sándor Biri, Accelerator Centre 
  secretary: Lóránt Csige, Section of Experimental Nuclear Physics

Names of the participants: 
  András Fenyvesi, Section of Cyclotron Applications
  Zoltán Juhász, Section of Atomic Collissions
  Zsófia Kertész, Section of Ion Beam Physics
  Attila Krasznahorkay, Section of Experimental Nuclear Physics
  István Rajta, Section of Ion Beam Physics


In order to use the services of the Atomki Accelerator Centre please contact the Program Advisory Committee. The services (within the frames of the capacities) are available for everyone with equal chance if an acceptable scientific program is provided together with the request. The services - both for external or local users - are available by filling out and e-sending the Beamtime Request Form, see below. The parameters of the submitted Form will be sent by of E-mail to the applicant and to the PAC members.


Beamtime Request Form

Beamtime Request Rules