Press-view of April issue of the journal Természet Világa

Time 2015-04-08 10:00
Place Tudományos Ismeretterjesztő Társulat, I. emeleti tanácsterem (1088 Budapest, Bródy Sándor u. 16.)
Contact person Dr. Beáta Király
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The DVD of the adventure game (interactive film) 'Miasma - or Devil's Stone' is distributed as a free appendix enclosed to the Hungarian popular science journal Természet Világa in April 2015.

Opening and introduction: Piróth Eszter, director of Tudományos Ismeretterjesztő Társulat

About the cooperation between journal Természet Világa and MTA Atomki: Dr. Fülöp Zsolt, director of MTA Atomki

Introduction to the interactive film: Pierrot, creative producer and composer of the game

About the cooperation between the staff of the film and MTA Atomki: Dr. Lévai Géza, physicist, scientific adviser

Some parts of the film are shown and the creators answer the questions.