Infrastructure projects


Establishment of an International Radiocarbon AMS Competence and Training (INTERACT) Center

Short name INTERACT
ID GINOP-2.3.4-15-2020-00007
Start date 11/02/2020
End date 31/12/2022
Leader in Atomki

Investigation of atomic and molecular processes using ultrashort light and electron pulses at the ELI-ALPS, development of methods and experimental tools

Short name .
ID 2018-1.2.1-NKP-2018-00010
Start date 01/09/2018
End date 31/08/2022
Leader in Atomki

GEOCORE: development of drill core, laboratory and earth science centre

Short name GEOCORE
ID GINOP-2.3.3-15-2017-00043
Start date 01/07/2017
End date 31/03/2022
Leader in Atomki

The new Laboratory for Heritage Science at MTA Atomki – Preparing for the participation in E-RIHS

Short name HSLab (Heritage Science Laboratory)
ID GINOP-2.3.3-15-2016-00029
Start date 02/01/2017
End date 29/07/2020
Leader in Atomki

Regional Workshop for Excellence in Materials Science - Research Program and Development of the Infrastructure

Short name Regional Workshop for Excellence in Materials Science
ID GINOP-2.3.2-15-2016-00041
Start date 01/01/2017
End date 28/09/2021
Leader in Atomki

Study of exotic nuclear phenomena at Atomki and ESFRI roadmap institutes

Short name EGZOMAG
ID GINOP-2.3.3-15-2016-00034
Start date 01/12/2016
End date 29/12/2021
Leader in Atomki

Exploration and development of a novel control software framework for research infrastructures

Short name eMFC (e-Modelling Framework for Control systems)
ID GINOP-2.2.1-15-2016-00012
Start date 01/12/2016
End date 28/02/2021
Leader in Atomki

ICER Centre: Isotope Climatology and Environmental Research Centre

Short name ICER
ID GINOP-2.3.2-15-2016-00009
Start date 01/07/2016
End date 30/04/2021
Leader in Atomki

Establishing a world class research environment at the new Tandetron Laboratory of MTA Atomki

Short name Tandetron
ID GINOP-2.3.3-15-2016-00005
Start date 20/06/2016
End date 20/06/2019
Leader in Atomki

Radiofrequency local protection system for the European Spallation Source (ESS)

Short name ESS IKC RF-LPS
ID AIK 8.4
Start date 01/12/2015
End date 31/10/2022
Leader in Atomki
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