ChETEC-INFRA meeting

Esemény megnevezése ChETEC-INFRA meeting
Time 2023-06-06 08:30 - 2023-06-07 18:00
Place Atomki, nagyelőadó (Debrecen, Bem tér 18/c, XII. épület 3. emelet)
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Nuclear astrophysics studies the origin of the chemical elements: from the Big Bang and stellar nucleosynthesis to neutron star mergers. ChETEC-INFRA networks the three types of infrastructures that, together, provide the capabilities needed for this quest: astronuclear laboratories supply reaction data, supercomputer facilities perform stellar structure and nucleosynthesis computations, and telescopes and mass spectrometers collect elemental and isotopic abundance data.


The annual ChETEC-INFRA General Assembly unites the 32 funded partners and 13 transnational access infrastructures of ChETEC-INFRA with other scientists in the field, neighboring networks, and international partners. The two-day meeting will feature progress reports from the networking activities and joint research activities supported by ChETEC-INFRA, as well as a dedicated Transnational Access (TA) User meeting. Selected invited presentations will highlight the state of the art and future directions in the field of nuclear astrophysics.


In addition to the funded and associate partners of the ChETEC-INFRA project, scientists with an active interest in nuclear astrophysics are welcome to register and participate.