Understandable-available physics

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Distribution of Atomki's scientific results -
Understandable-available physics (MEF)
Project identification: TÁMOP-4.2.3-12/1/KONV-2012-0057
Start date: 2013.01.01. - end date: 2015.02.28.
Leader: Dr. Beáta Király


The aim of the project is dissemination which means throwing seeds around, in other words distribution of knowledge (outreach).


The project had six major activities as follows.

  • Traveling physics. Ten young scientists of Atomki gave unconventional physics lectures with interesting experiments in ten high schools in the underprivileged regions around Debrecen. The topic changed every half a year.
  • Interdisciplinary workshop. In accordance with the traveling physics, the topic of the actual term was discussed at scientific level in the frame of four one-day workshops.

MEF logoEach topic of the term was connected to an outstanding event or anniversary:

  • 2013 spring: Water
    2013: international year of water cooperation
  • 2013 autumn: Protection systems of the Earth
    1913: discovery of the ozone layer
  • 2014 spring: Cold - warm
    1714: mercury thermometer (Fahrenheit)
  • 2014 autumn: Energy
    1714: conservation of energy (Leibniz)


  • Interactive multimedia. The story of the interactive film entitled Miasma is about an investigation to find the mystic meteorite. It is learning while playing and the gamer is introduced to the equipments of Atomki.
  • International school. On the week before the conference Nuclei in the Cosmos, university students, PhD students and young scientists could learn a lot about the nuclear processes taking place in the Cosmos.
  • Atomki brochures. A detailed Atomki booklet in English, a short Atomki booklet in Hungarian and a booklet about physics for children was printed. Additional leaflets: about the planned programs at the beginning of the project and about the possibilities still available after the end of the project.
  • Atomki webpage. Atomki has a new webpage with accessibility. A special element of the portal is the virtual tour.

The project had additional minor activities.

  • Popular-science day. On the last week of the schoolyear, schoolchildren and interested people were provided with scientific knowledge before the summer holiday.
  • News of the world and Atomki. Based on the article of the month, new scientific results were distributed.
  • Scientific journalist. With the help of a scientific journalist, we regularly presented interesting topics to the public in the written media.


Appearance in media /Opening

Title Understandable-available physics
Date 2013-02-08
Where Élet és Tudomány
  volume 68, issue 6, page 184
Read pdf (in Hungarian)

Appereance in media /Closing

Title Understandable-available physics (in Hungarian)


Where Élet és Tudomány
  volume 70, issue 9, page 280
Read pdf (in Hungarian)