Investigation of nuclear structure by semimicroscopic and ab initio methods based on symmetry

Head of research group Dr. József Cseh
Nature of topic Topic for young scientist

The atomic nucleus is composed of many nucleons; therefore, models play the crucial role in understanding its structure. (The quantum mechanical many-body problem does not have an exact solution.) Symmetry-considerations can be extremely helpful both in finding the systematics of the experimental data and in enlightening the relation of different models.

Semi-microscopic algebraic models have been introduced recently for the description of both quarteting and clustering. Furthermore, a symmetry was found: the multiconfigurational dynamical symmetry (MUSY) that connects these models. It has a considerable predictive power. 

These models are based on the SU(3) symmetry, thus they can be connected to the symmetry adapted no-core shell model which is a real ab initio method, by taking into account each nucleon and applying real nuclear forces.