Investigation of urban particulate matter pollution by microanalytical methods

Head of research group Dr. Zsófia Kertész
Nature of topic Topic for young scientist

Air pollution in big cities is the result of numerous natural and anthropogenic emissions. These air pollutants have a significant impact on the biosphere, human health and the natural and built environment. Among the pollutants, particulate matter (PM) has the greatest negative impact on human health. As a result, the identification of sources of particulate matter has become an increasingly urgent issue, since this knowledge is essential for the development of effective mitigation strategies.

One objective of the research is to determine and characterize the aerosol pollution of residential areas and study their dependence on meteorological conditions and anthropogenic activities. Furthermore, the short- and long-term impact of a large-scale construction project - such as the construction of a new tram route in Debrecen - on the air quality of the city of Debrecen will be studied.